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    Wine should be enjoyed. We produce wines for life and not collectors items.

The beginnings

Phillip Zull’s history and philosophy are rooted in the generations of his family, who have lived in Schrattenthal for decades. These mixed farms always had their own vineyards and cellars. With father Werner everything changed: Mixed agriculture was followed by specialization, which he promoted and put into action.

Familie Zull - Geschichte
Werner Zull

Werner Zull

Werner Zull took over agriculture as a game changer and recognized the opportunity of establishing a small business defined by quality and concentration on the essentials. First, he doubled the vineyard area of the winery, while he also intensified his knowledge of wine. Many trips and many contacts resulted.

Phillip Zull

Winery Zull´s vineyards are primarily cultivated by the family 100% by hand – the best conditions for Phillip to deal with the soils and vines that his father planted in Phillips formative years. This was followed by studies at the Higher Federal Institute of Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg and extensive years of practice with renowned winemakers such as Emmerich Knoll, Fred Loimer, also at the Winery Prager."¨ Phillip Zull also travelled abroad to learn the high art of winemaking among the best in the field. His journey took him to Franz Künstler in the Rheingau, “Pegasus Bay Winery" in New Zealand and “Chehalem Winery" in Oregon/USA, as well as to the “Domaine Georges Roumier" in Burgundy, France.

Phillip Zull
Family Zull


Like his legendary teachers, Phillip Zull is a traditionalist. His philosophy thrives on sharpening his wine stylistic. At the same time, he follows the path created by his father. "¨“My wines should be elegant, multi-faceted and at the same time animating.""¨ Phillip Zull focuses his wines on the flow of drinking. Each wine should tell the story of the soil on which it grows. The characteristics of the terroir should come into the bottle unadulterated and be recognizable.