A challenging wine year with a “happy ending"…

The autumn winds are already blowing outside, the grapes have been collected and the new wine is maturing in the barrels. Time for us to look back on the wine year we have accomplished.

After the weather was too dry and cool in spring, heavy rain followed in May and early June, followed again by a very dry and often too hot weather phase in midsummer.

It rained just in time in August, which helped the grapes ripen well. The cooling nights from September onwards ensured a particularly fine aroma.

The harvest took place from mid-September to mid-October – for us it was 100% handmade, in many vineyards in two rounds. With the help of our great harvest team, we were able to harvest very healthy, aromatic and ripe grapes in 21 days and are expecting a great 2023 wine vintage. Many thanks to the whole team for their tireless efforts!

We look back gratefully on a busy but satisfying wine year and would be happy if the results of our work gave you as much joy as we do.

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