Compost tea for intact soil life

Compost tea is a fluid that is fortified by microorganisms. These microorganisms are 10,000 diverse species, mainly bacteria and fungi, which are essential for the intact soil environment of our vineyards. 
We extract our compost tea from high quality and particularly stabile organic compost that is broken down by earthworms (Brandname Fermigrand).

This compost is enriched by a nutrient solution under specific conditions and activated within 3 days.
Then our compost is warmed and also given air in so-called aerators for another 24 hours in rainwater heated to 23°celsius.
In this process, special nutrients and mineral rock flour are additionally fed to the compost. 
Now the microorganisms reproduce to produce compost tea concentrate.

This is then diluted with with rainwater and applied to the vineyard. 
In doing so, we use a quad in order to be quicker and, most importantly, to be light – thus not compressing the soil. 
The application begins in spring as soon as the earth warms up. We try to drip the compost tea on our soil, as much as time allows. As well, we etch, or pre-soak, our greening seeds with compost tea before sowing. 
Benefits of compost tea: The plant is by nature not able to release nutrients from the soil on its own – for this job it needs microorganisms.

The plant actually seduces the microorganisms with special root excretions (sugar and starch) at the fine hair roots. This is where microorganisms extract nutrients from the earth and make them available to the plant. This is a symbiotic process. 
We need intact soil life to optimally provide for the vine, because we do not use any artificial fertilizers.

The vitality of our plants increases and the nutrient uptake of the vines is especially improved under very dry conditions. Whereas by the application of artificial fertilizers, plant nutrient supply can only function if the fertilizer is dissolved, which requires wet conditions.

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